Types of social media


The types of social medias that I currently utilize online are Facebook, Youtube, Skype and rarely Myspace, MSN Messenger.

The reason why I use Facebook is to keep in touch with my family and friends from back home. I also use it to be updated with what is going on in the Southeastern community and to keep in touch with college friends. I also enjoy viewing what friends post on their profile and gaining from their insights. I, like many other users, use Facebook on a daily basis. It seems to me that it is necessary for me to check it daily, for the simple fact that I never know if a classmate has tried to reach me on it to update me concerning something important.

 Youtube is another social media that I like because I am able to listen to music that I really enjoy. I also use it on a daily basis and actually use it to play some of its music in my prayer room every morning.

I absolutely love the concept of Skype because I am able to keep in touch with friends in Europe and interact with them. I am glad that my friendships can continue to grow despite the distance that may separate us. I actually use this website once in a while, when a time is scheduled to speak to the people that I need to talk to.

MSN messenger was a medium that I used a lot more frequently before Facebook became popular. I still use it a little to chat with people that currently use it. Myspace, unfortunately, is another site that I use less often because of my use of Facebook, but I still enjoy using it to listen to music that I cannot find on Youtube.

I think these innovations have wonderful functions and I enjoy using them to liven up my social life.

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One Response to Types of social media

  1. taraschwartz says:

    I too use Skype to connect with friends in other countries. At first it was a little distracting becasue I couldn’t help but look at myself while I was talking to others, but now getting used to this concept of talking face to face from so far away isn’t so foreign to me.
    I also use Youtube to check out cool songs and worship in the morning, it’s crazy how the internet can be used as a great distraction or a helpful medium to get closer to God.

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