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According to me comments are an important element of blogging because it enables readers to share their input concerning the material presented. Without their input, it would be hard to determine if the author’s information is a valuable one. I can compare this scenario to a classroom with only one student in the class and how that class would lack diversity and opportunities for growth for the lonely student. This analogy helps me to understand that a blogger not only seeks to be heard but to be sharpened as well in order to be a better well rounded individual.

However, it is true that not all blogs or bloggers have for intent of such positive outcome but if it were to me, the purpose of having a blog would be to that rationale. Other people can bring much to the way we think or view a certain things or concepts. It can either help our perspective to be broadened or it can make us more narrowed minded depending of what it entails. In order to write effective blog comments, an individual would have to take into consideration of what the author means; reflect upon it; and share his/her perspective on it. Too many times, do we see people talking without thinking and even writing without thinking which is, according to me, even worse.

I would have to say that an important element in writing blog comments effectively is to think before writing something publicly concerning anything. Another advice would be to be mindful that your name can be associated with everything that you say. It is a reality that some people lack skills in concealing their identity when they really need to. Be opinionated but be sensible as well.

Freedom of speech doesn’t mean a lack of sense, so use your freedom wisely.

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6 Responses to Blogs and Comments

  1. whitness07 says:

    This is a great post. I love the example you gave of a blog without comments being like a classroom with only one student. I had never thought of it that way. By blogging, we attempt to inform the world of our lives and endeavours and, in turn, by the use of comments, one can also learn about how someone else has experienced the very same thing we’ve discussed. It is an awesome cycle of learning and sharing of opinions. I also believe that you only get as much as you give in reference to blogging and commenting on blogs.

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  3. laurielea says:

    This blog is fantastic. I love how blog comments are compared to a classroom of students. I have been in classes that were filled with very intellegent people who were talkative and ready to contribute. These experiences were fun, and as you put it, they added to my learning and made it even better. I have also been in classes that were the exact opposite. Whether a class is small or not is secondary. Sometimes students just about refuse to inject their opinion. These one-sided exchanges are boring and not worth the time. Our emerging social media is similar. Creating a healthy, wise, two-way conversation online is very important as well.

  4. mikefromva says:

    I really enjoyed reading through your post, and hearing your insight, and opinion on the value of not only blog comments but also watching what you post. A lot of people tend to write at times when they are full of emotion, bad or good, which can turn out for the worst in some cases. Your comment reminded me of Mark Zuckerberg when he was blogging while “upset.” I have seen in several cases where social media has been used as a tool for one to express their concern, or simply their emotions, and in most cases they may post something that they will regret later, or something they didn’t realize so many people had seen. You made a really good point in saying your name can be associated with anything you say, because that’s the simple truth.

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