Groundswell- You need to listen!

There is power in listening. We just seem to forget this in our consuming culture. We tend to give, give, give for results instead of truly listening to what people are really wanting to receive. Charlene Li, author of Groundswell, have mentioned time and times again on how listening to your customers can help your brand to sell. It is a fact that your brand is what your customers say it is. Without good feedback, your company is worth zero! But if you have the good sence to apply what your are getting from your Groundswell, which is the valuable opinion that you need, then positive results can occur. You might be wondering what defines good opinions from bad ones if they all come from customers, right? Well there is such thing as valuable input from people that might use your product and that are actually creators or critics. These are the ones that most likely matter because they know what they are talking about, which is the reason why they are the groundswell. There are also many ways that you can obtain that information; there are syndicated research which helps to map trends, surveys and focus groups that can help you listen to what your valuable customers are saying.
These researches can help you find out what your brand stands for, understand how the buzz is shifting, manage PR crises and many more. There are many ways in which listening can help you change your organization for the better.
It is, therefore, really important to learn ways to listen to them and incorporate the feedback wisely.
You can also view this video for more information on the author and her book.

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3 Responses to Groundswell- You need to listen!

  1. mshoults says:

    Hey Stacia, great post! You really make some good points. I think listening is one of the most-forgotten aspects of PR, so thanks for reminding us! Feedback is invaluable when it comes to Social Media PR, or really any type of PR or marketing. I’m really enjoying this book and I can’t wait to read more of it!

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  3. taraschwartz says:

    Good topic, incited some thoughts of my own on this topic.
    Your emphasis on the importance of “listening” to the product feedback is such a must in businesses as a way of communication. Though I feel like smaller, mom-n-pop type businesses try and accomodate to the public and soon get shut down because they cannot keep up with mass demands and the constant sway of likes and dislikes of their customers. People would prefer going to a larger chain such as a WalMart and sadly it slowly renders smaller businesses obsolete.

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