Social Media and Ethics

The big concern about ethics in social media is the extent of our boundaries. According to me, social monitoring is not necessarily unethical; just like walking down the street and meeting people isn’t unethical. If some people, with their free will, decide to publish information about themselves, it is only normal for them to expect people to view it. It is also other people’s right to exercise their freedom and if this involves social monitoring, then so be it. Although, there is another concern raised about social media ethics when it comes to divulgating information that we come across. G. Crouch mentioned a very interesting point of view when he stated that if one comes across a unlawful content on social media; would it be to our obligation to pass on that information to legal authorities? What about slanderous content towards another individual or group of people? Would it be ethical to intervene in these circumstances? Another good comment mentioned by Crouch stated that we never know the extent of the seriousness of the content. It is a very hard position to be if there is a lack of familiarity with the author of the content. Personally, I believe we are to be careful with our involvement in regards to things like that without being too judgmental. Also, there is the fact that not all people reading the content have good credibility or the ability to make sound judgment. If a person that lacks good judgment end ups alarming authorities for something that is truly innocent, then this would result in unnecessary trouble. At the end of the day, I believe that our morals and convictions need to be utilized in every decision that we make. There is no doubt about the fact that if an issue arises concerning the life and death of a person, we are to intrude for the sake of the human life.
I can also recall of a story of a person that was attempting suicide that posted her attempt on a popular public website in Japan which resulted in having her life saved because of someone intruding. We cannot forget that before anything else, we are human beings and need to respond according for goodness sake and not for our attention’s sake.

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