Super Bowl Ad

My least favorite Super Bowl ad is the sauna Doritos commercial. I thought that this commercial was way too inappropriate for children to see. The commercial consisted of two guys in a sauna, one African-American and the other Caucasian, and it appeared as if the Caucasian guy was checking the African-American guy out but we then realize that he was attempting to grabs some Doritos which were on the other guy’s private area. It is only at the end of the commercial that we realize that the gay guy was the African-American guy and not the Caucasian as it might have appeared.
I understand that it could have been humorous but it was way too explicit. The targeted public in the ad were homosexuals and I believe that the commercial, like many other television shows, was intended to familiarize the public with the awareness of homosexuality in our society. I believe that this was one of my first commercials that involved same sex attraction of some sort. I have to say that it did make me uncomfortable and didn’t like watching it too much.
I think that people need to be more sensitive to the viewers that may be watching these commercials on TV. We are becoming a society that cares less and less about the minority’s voice because of the simple fact that they don’t have too much power (or money) to raise their voice concerning these issues. I think that we need to attempt to respect the younger generation by allowing them to have right to their innocence. Maybe I might be exaggerating to some but I do believe that this is a strong concern that is far too much overlooked.
I really didn’t like the fact that this was a commercial that was aired during the Super Bowl. Yes, it might have been funny for some but I think it could have been more appropriate for certain viewers that might not feel as comfortable about these sorts of things.

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3 Responses to Super Bowl Ad

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  2. laurielea says:

    I do agree and sympathize with your concern, Stacia. I believe that our televised culture is very brazen in their attempts to get the public’s attention. What do we as believers do about that? I don’t know. I don’t know how we can positively change these kinds of problems. Most of the time we just turn the other way and pretend it’s not happening. A focus on Biblical truth is more important than ever.

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