PR Open Mic? What for?

It seems to me that PR OpenMic has a lot to offer to PR students because of its width variety of resources regarding public relations. One of the ways which it can benefit PR students is by being able to view other people’s blog post on the website. The site is very interactive and enables students to have easy access to eachothers’ content. This website also enables graduates to get connected with some future employers. They have a chance to view jobs and internships that are PR related. The site is also a great place to form connections and to expand your knowledge on PR. There are teachers and faculty members of many different universities that are accessible and willing to interact with students about their concerns. It would be foolish for a student interested in Public relations to not join this community. You never know how your life can be changed. It could be from one simple conversation with another individual. Dont miss your chance! Be a part of the Pr Open Mic and let your voice be heard!

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