Erwin McManus

I also had the priviledge of attending the Southeastern University Forum
I have learned a lot from these diverse speakers. One of them was Erwin McManus I decided to share some of the most memorable ones. One of the information mentioned by Erwin Mcmanus that I was not previously aware of is when he mentioned that it is far more important to pull things out of the student then to try to put things into them (referring to teachers strategies on methods of teaching).The other one was very mind renewing. He mentioned that so many people pursue dreams that do not fit in their lives. This was grasping because it illuminated me on the fact that it is possible to envision or hope for something that we are not mandated or called to do. Even though it may sound good or have good intentions, it is important to do only what has been required by God to do. This also ignited the thought that many think that because they receive a prophecy and have a dream that it will easily come to past. But then the speaker continues that point by stating that it takes determination, hard work and vision to fulfill one’s dream. Here is an interesting quote that he stated.
Being famous is what you do for yourself and greatness is what you do for others” by Erwin Mcmanus
This statement is very true and can be demonstrated in numerous ways in today’s society. People that are celebrity limelight desire all the attention in the world and seek to promote themselves in everything they do. Many of these celebrities’ actions are centered on themselves and their appearance. There is a clear distinction between people that seek to be great and people that are naturally great. What becomes great is when one gives up one’s self to be an available hand to one in need. Jesus is a great example of the definition of greatness. People that follow after this example do not need to seek to be great because their actions are actually doing all of the talking on their behalf. I would also like to add that it is not only the actions done for others that defines greatness but also the intention of the action that places more value on the beauty of the deed.

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