Eschatology: End Times affair

One of my strong interest is theology. I love everything and anything that has to do with it. I had the priviledge of attending an eschatology conference from international renownded theologians.
This eschatology conference has been very insightful and released a lot of information that is critical in the shaping of today’s eschatological theology. William Raccah, Robert Waddell, John Christopher Thomas Larry McQueen, Matthew Thompson, Peter Althouse were some of the many that partook to collaborate in order to make this conference possible.
The Biblical approach to eschatology was appropriated to make this subject matter more understandable. One of the speakers that covered this section of the discussion is William Raccah.
He elaborated on his view of eschatology while applying the relationship between Judaism and Christianity. His method of explanation is to use history in a graphical and purposeful way that will include a history that makes sense to the recipient of the information. One statement that he mentioned during his presentation that was quite striking is the fact that every moment of time was charged with significance. I found this a powerful statement due to its emphasis of purpose in every moment of history.
He spoke of the issue concerning the Jewish people’s interpretation of eschatology which is influenced by their belief in the Messiah and of his identity. It is understandable how there has been confusion between the two religions based on their different theory on the identity of the Messiah. Understanding where both parties come from enables a full comprehension on establishing true eschatology as Christianity has fulfilled their understanding while the Jews are still waiting on the completion of their understanding.

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