One thing that I am grateful for this semester is to have learned how to do a podcast. The concept of podcasting was completely foreign to me and then I realized how uncomplicated it was. Even how interesting it was! There are many different ways to achieving the final product of a podcast. The key is using whatever is most comfortable for you. The one that I used was from Mac called “SoundStudio 3”. This software was awesome! It gave me clear quality and was very easy to use. There are also some other Mac softwares that can help produce a podcast such as “Ubercaster” and “Podcast Producer 2”. When making a podcast, it is very important to have the sound quality be at its best since there is no visual aid involved. People are listening to every word you say. And it is very important to make it easy for them. There are many other technologies that can facilitate podcasting. Companies such as Windows and Linux also have a lot to offer in order to make a professional sounding podcast. They key is finding one that is easy to work with and that you are comfortable with. So don’t be afraid to ask around and shop around so you can get the best software in your budget.

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