Raw Tv show: homosexuality

I though it would be interesting to share my involvment with Raw Tv from last year. On the third show there was an episode that was talking about homosexuality. I have to admit, it was a tremendous success in my eyes. The topic was so significant and needed to be brought up in today’s generation and for our students on this campus. The bible states that the truth shall set you free and I believe that the guest on the show articulated that statement in a very refreshing way. I believe that this show was the most liberating one that I have witnessed so far and I was so happy to have seen it. Everyone seemed very interested with the topic and I believe that we could have gone a lot longer if we could have had. Overall, I think that the crew managed their time well and the organization among the staff was well done. I was working with guest relations. This time it was not as challenging since there was not too many people and all was welcome to find a seat.The only negative thing I have to say about this show is that I wish it was longer because it was very interesting. I hope that there will be more shows with controversial topics in the future. I believe that students need to have these topics addressed in order to have clarity which will facilitate their walk with Christ.

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