Show 8 on Raw TV 2010

I absolutely enjoyed the show with Ben Dunn and his wife. Their noble service inspired me much. To see that they actually minister to people one on one is amazing. I thought that their interview was also very clear and concise. They didn’t take too much time and their material was simply interesting to hear. His song was also very beautiful and original. I suppose that if I were physically there, I would have worked with guess relations. One thing that truly touched me was when they mentioned that they are simply spreading heavens culture through releasing love. This is very powerful. The crew also seemed very organized and the production seems to have gone smoothly. People in the audience seemed to have been excited about listening to this couple. I suppose that they have a well renowned ministry. Previously to this appearance, I have never heard from this ministry. It was truly nice to see a couple working together for the cause of Christ and having overcome so much to move forward towards it. It was also beautiful to see how a couple could share their talents and gifts for the King together. I hope to see more rising couple as such in the future.

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