“Social media: Friends or Foe”

Okay first off, I have to say that the way they formulated this podcast was pretty original.
Having a employer push back for answers in order to know why blogging is important for his company is pretty clever. The interaction is heavy in Social Media: Friends of Foe and there’s no doubt about it. These social media experts didn’t hold their tongue to express their concerns and insights about the whole idea of incorporating social media in their workplace.
Shel Holtz made it very clear how involving customers in the conversation of making the company better is a no brainer. It is a must to allow interaction between the heads of companies and clients in order to know what people are saying. This is THE way to know how the company is perceived by the world. Neglecting their input can and will jeopardize the brand. In this day and age, information is spread much faster by social media networks than highly thought of marketing techniques.

One question that triggered my mind before it was mentioned is: where is the control?
One thing that business leaders love to maintain is their control over their company. Marketing effectively does that for them. But does being more socially inclined mean that some of this control have to be lost? To a certain extent, I believe so. But there is gain through another medium of trust which is transparency. Yes, they said it. Transparency! People want to know everything these days. They want to know the truth. By letting people in these interactions it forces the truth to be exposed. Perhaps some trust can be built amongst these customers and future ones. It was quite interesting to receive their feedback about this concern.

They really made an impact to make it clear on how social media has the capacity to help people work more closely together. I was shocked to hear that they believed that employers should not be threatened by having their employees using social media in the workplace. It is shocking to see where the world is coming to and how much more freedom people are getting for the sake of creativity and productivity. Now productivity is not defined by what it used to be and it is achieved best when the company is willing to trust and listen to their employees.

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