Summer Fun

The beginning of summer can introduce different ventures to different people. Think about it. No school, no assignments and no tests. Summer can open the door for many endeavors to take place. Either they will be productive or just a waste of time is an important choice to make.

As a child, it seemed that the only thing that was on our minds was to find activities to keep us from being bored. Today, the case should be a little different especially as a college student. College students have to make decisions with their future in mind in order to develop their maturity. Although this can be a challenge, it is easier to apply that actuality with a little bit of fun.

Finding productivity in summer can be a bit of a challenge. In order to do it effectively, it is important to find the enjoyment in it as well. Michael McIntosh , an English major, wants to spend part of his summer exploring new literary work by reading new books. This goal will help him to familiarize himself more in the subject and get him ready for the new semester in fall. “Summer is the only time that I have to be able to catch up on the books that I love and would like to read,” he says.

This student was able to find productivity in his leisure and integrate it in his summer to help him expand his knowledge. This is a great way to contribute to his future and a good way for him to enjoy himself at the same time.

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