The Enemy of Unity

Dave Ramsey was another speaker that shared amazing insight during this conference.
The speaker wanted to reveal the truths about the reality of a disorganized and a problematic work environment. In doing so, he exposed the five enemies of unity. His main goal was to elaborate on these five concepts so that business people in leadership positions will benefit from having a peaceful and unified work environment.

One of the two new concepts learnt from the speaker is his mention about whenever there is no moral restraint, it’s a monarchy. At first, this statement stirred a bit of ambiguity but as it was reflected upon it enlightened me to understand from his perspective. The other statement is when Ramsey mentioned that when unity is valued in the culture of the team, the team will also act to keep these enemies from the gate. Often times, we think that conflicts can never be mended but when there is a common ground that is established among the team, they will fight to keep the peace in the organization.

He also quoted: “What we win is what we are focusing on”. This quote is very important because it brings about clarity. The only way that one can truly succeed at what they do is if they remain focused on their goal. A person that is confused and unorganized can not press on towards a goal to succeed because they do not have one. A goal must be established and a plan needs to be in practice to actually see the objective come to past.

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