Viral videos

Okay, I have to admit, the viral video of “David after Dentist” was quite funny. But was it that funny to get over 88 million views? I dont know. Maybe watching an innocent kid’s aftermath from taking anesthetizing drugs has the reasoning for captivating millions of viewers that could relate to his pain.
Viral videos’ successes have sometime unexplainable results. But one thing that is sure. They are funny, authentic and relative. This is why people love them so much. One of my favorite viral video is “Charlie bit my finger-again” The boys on that video are so cute and let’s not forget their adorable accent. To see how two siblings can bond at that age is what caused my heart to melt for this video.
The other interesting video that made it in my top favorites is the one of the Golden Voice man. This video touched the heart of millions of viewers because of this man amazing hidden talent. This video showed millions that the possibility of finding treasures on the streets is not something that is only seen in fictional stories. Not only has Ted found a job, he found the chance to renew his life in the positive direction. His life was changed forever and so can the life of many others who use social networks to their advantage.

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