Keep it simple!

There is no doubt that the Martin Waxman interview was helpful. The approach for his agency which is simplicity, energy and integrity makes it clear that this man doesn’t like ambiguity. Can I mention that I also loved that he was Canadian? Reason for that is that I am Canadian! Yes indeed I am and this motivated me to listen even more to what he had to say.
It was very insightful to hear the techniques that he used to perfect his podcast. As a student that just recently learned how to podcast, I thought they were really good tips to take for future projects.
Another thing that I also agree with is how important it is to be familiar with the traditional media technologies. If you are like me and is slowly getting a hand of all these new media technologies, this insight is for you! Prior to taking my social media class, I was not nearly as media literate as I am now. I actually take some pleasure in involving myself with certain technologies and am looking for more opportunities to do so. It is so fundamental for people to understand that old technologies are the ones that support new technologies like the root of a vine. Taking them into consideration is a must!
His tips for university students about to graduate were great too. Although, we were supposed to learn some of them while in elementary school, like knowing how to spell and using correct wording. Sometimes we, college students, try too hard to impress and use words that are not appropriate in a sentence. Martin makes it clear that we must just keep it simple. After all, it is less complicated for us and the people reading anyway.

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