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1. Comment for Mike Trevett blog
Without a doubt, podcasting can be a resourceful tool. It can be undervalued because of all the other options that there is in social media. However, I am slowly seeing how relative and interactive it can be. It is important for everyone to consider their communication tools and utilize them for their profit. By doing so, we are helping the communication world to grow and spread into a better organization.

2. Comment for Melanie Shoultz
Melanie, I love your blog. I think that your tips for blogging and interacting with social media are very practical and realistic. It is so easy to get caugh up with many social medias and not be centralized. It so important to learn to consider all our networks without leaving some behind

3. Comment for Laurie Lea
You are very right. A lot of these celebrities think that they have special rights or live in another world. They must bare the consequences for their actions and also keep in mind that they must be careful with their actions. Many people, such as kids, are watching and take after their example. If there are no consequences, this can portray a wrong image to the youth. Love your input. Well said!

4. Comment for Tara Shwartz
Indeed, it is really hard to see where the world is coming to in regards to how sexuality is being used unappropriately. It’s an issue especially when you don’t know which audience that will be watching. It is clear that these companies do not care about anyone children or people’s sensitivity about things. In this generation, anything that can trigger people’s visual stimulation is what is used to sell more. Sad statement.

5. Comment for Stephen Ponce
I find it is really exciting to see late Princess Diana’s son to get married. It’s a beautiful thing and know that this is a significant changing moment for the Royal family. I look forward to seeing the new transitions in the Royal family. It’s a beautiful thing to see people of this caliber to get married for love. I ,also, have to congratulate them on their union and wish them the best to come!

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