Eschatology: End Times affair

One of my strong interest is theology. I love everything and anything that has to do with it. I had the priviledge of attending an eschatology conference from international renownded theologians.
This eschatology conference has been very insightful and released a lot of information that is critical in the shaping of today’s eschatological theology. William Raccah, Robert Waddell, John Christopher Thomas Larry McQueen, Matthew Thompson, Peter Althouse were some of the many that partook to collaborate in order to make this conference possible.
The Biblical approach to eschatology was appropriated to make this subject matter more understandable. One of the speakers that covered this section of the discussion is William Raccah.
He elaborated on his view of eschatology while applying the relationship between Judaism and Christianity. His method of explanation is to use history in a graphical and purposeful way that will include a history that makes sense to the recipient of the information. One statement that he mentioned during his presentation that was quite striking is the fact that every moment of time was charged with significance. I found this a powerful statement due to its emphasis of purpose in every moment of history.
He spoke of the issue concerning the Jewish people’s interpretation of eschatology which is influenced by their belief in the Messiah and of his identity. It is understandable how there has been confusion between the two religions based on their different theory on the identity of the Messiah. Understanding where both parties come from enables a full comprehension on establishing true eschatology as Christianity has fulfilled their understanding while the Jews are still waiting on the completion of their understanding.

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Summer Fun

The beginning of summer can introduce different ventures to different people. Think about it. No school, no assignments and no tests. Summer can open the door for many endeavors to take place. Either they will be productive or just a waste of time is an important choice to make.

As a child, it seemed that the only thing that was on our minds was to find activities to keep us from being bored. Today, the case should be a little different especially as a college student. College students have to make decisions with their future in mind in order to develop their maturity. Although this can be a challenge, it is easier to apply that actuality with a little bit of fun.

Finding productivity in summer can be a bit of a challenge. In order to do it effectively, it is important to find the enjoyment in it as well. Michael McIntosh , an English major, wants to spend part of his summer exploring new literary work by reading new books. This goal will help him to familiarize himself more in the subject and get him ready for the new semester in fall. “Summer is the only time that I have to be able to catch up on the books that I love and would like to read,” he says.

This student was able to find productivity in his leisure and integrate it in his summer to help him expand his knowledge. This is a great way to contribute to his future and a good way for him to enjoy himself at the same time.

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Away from Home

Universities and colleges have the priviledge of being a diverse community that attracts students from the four corners of the world. This can be a beautiful thing to see once on campus but a very hard situation for the ones that to arrive.

Integration can be a very challenging task to do for people that do not speak the language fluently. Not only is the language hard to cope with but the culture is also hard to understand for some. For Stephan Montano, a previous University student from Argentina, it was not easy to adapt to the American culture. Simple gestures such as holding hands in public or kissing were shocking for Shafiq.

For others, the thought of not being able to communicate with their relatives on a consistent basis makes the journey hard to continue. Some leave and never come back. On the other hand, some decide to stay and enjoy their new surroundings. “I love meeting new people and seeing different faces” says Jin from South Korea.

This challenge requires a lot of maturity and mental preparation to successfully have the ability to study in a different country. “I knew I would be at Southeastern University before I even physically saw the campus” said an incoming student from Canada.
It is also favorable for these students to have a support system in case unfortunate circumstance occurs. For Tamara Brown, from the Bahamas, this is the case. “If it were not for my family and fiancé I don’t know what I would do” she says. These supports are needed for financial and emotional necessities.

Since times can get lonely, it is important to socialize with others. Isolation will only make the experience more difficult and unmemorable. Building relationships, connections and memories is to be established during the first year of college to keep those students in the institution. So far, Southeastern has implemented that concept carefully by creating First Teams; meetings that are held to help students become more familiar with the campus, activities and culture of the university.

These experiences can be life changing for these international students. They are away from home but have the possibilities to have their territory enlarged. New opportunities, new friends, new languages; these experiences can revolutionize their future.
Southeastern University’s beauty of diversity is demonstrating how life should be and it is refreshing.

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This blog is all about authentic fullness of expression. Here is a piece of poetry that I have put together. Hope you enjoy. It is entitled: Free.

He saved me
My mess tried to pull me back in my old state
Flip, Flop
I slip and fall
The past try to haunt me
My condition tries to define me
To chase me
Let it be over
He has set me free
Delivered me
And made me be
Let me be
Past let me be
I am made new
And will forget about you
To follow the One that has made my sky blue
He saved me
And made me be
Made me to be free

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Show 8 on Raw TV 2010

I absolutely enjoyed the show with Ben Dunn and his wife. Their noble service inspired me much. To see that they actually minister to people one on one is amazing. I thought that their interview was also very clear and concise. They didn’t take too much time and their material was simply interesting to hear. His song was also very beautiful and original. I suppose that if I were physically there, I would have worked with guess relations. One thing that truly touched me was when they mentioned that they are simply spreading heavens culture through releasing love. This is very powerful. The crew also seemed very organized and the production seems to have gone smoothly. People in the audience seemed to have been excited about listening to this couple. I suppose that they have a well renowned ministry. Previously to this appearance, I have never heard from this ministry. It was truly nice to see a couple working together for the cause of Christ and having overcome so much to move forward towards it. It was also beautiful to see how a couple could share their talents and gifts for the King together. I hope to see more rising couple as such in the future.

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Raw Tv show: homosexuality

I though it would be interesting to share my involvment with Raw Tv from last year. On the third show there was an episode that was talking about homosexuality. I have to admit, it was a tremendous success in my eyes. The topic was so significant and needed to be brought up in today’s generation and for our students on this campus. The bible states that the truth shall set you free and I believe that the guest on the show articulated that statement in a very refreshing way. I believe that this show was the most liberating one that I have witnessed so far and I was so happy to have seen it. Everyone seemed very interested with the topic and I believe that we could have gone a lot longer if we could have had. Overall, I think that the crew managed their time well and the organization among the staff was well done. I was working with guest relations. This time it was not as challenging since there was not too many people and all was welcome to find a seat.The only negative thing I have to say about this show is that I wish it was longer because it was very interesting. I hope that there will be more shows with controversial topics in the future. I believe that students need to have these topics addressed in order to have clarity which will facilitate their walk with Christ.

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PR Open Mic? What for?

It seems to me that PR OpenMic has a lot to offer to PR students because of its width variety of resources regarding public relations. One of the ways which it can benefit PR students is by being able to view other people’s blog post on the website. The site is very interactive and enables students to have easy access to eachothers’ content. This website also enables graduates to get connected with some future employers. They have a chance to view jobs and internships that are PR related. The site is also a great place to form connections and to expand your knowledge on PR. There are teachers and faculty members of many different universities that are accessible and willing to interact with students about their concerns. It would be foolish for a student interested in Public relations to not join this community. You never know how your life can be changed. It could be from one simple conversation with another individual. Dont miss your chance! Be a part of the Pr Open Mic and let your voice be heard!

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